A calming presence, helping hand, words of encouragement, and supporter of your decisions. 

“Such an incredible person and obviously very knowledgeable. Having Natalie by our side while delivering Nadia was priceless. There aren’t words for how thankful we are or how lucky we are that we had her there with us. I recommend that anyone looking for a Doula contact Natalie. We didnt know Natalie prior to our experience with her and she just instantly felt like family. Thank you so much for everything Natalie!”
- Keith and Morgan

Natalie Joyner, Doula

It is a huge honor to be selected as a client's doula. Your comfort is my top priority. Here is some information about myself so we can become better acquainted!


Doula Services

My Birth Doula services include an in-person consultation, prenatal visits, birth photography and more. Click the link below for full details!

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What is a Doula?

A doula is present to provide both physical and emotional support to the mother and birthing partner(s). This may include, but is not limited to, massage, positioning, breathing and movement techniques. While you will have either a doctor or midwife and possibly nurses available for medical support, they often have other responsibilities and/or patients that will share their focus. A doula's only focus is her client.

Measurable Benefits of a Doula

Many studies have shown that having a doula can reduce the length of labor, use of induction hormones and rates of assisted delivery and cesareans.  

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